Weapon Support Bracket

Hardcore Defense offers a selection of useful and often unique accessories to complement our ballistic shields. Identify yourself clearly with POLICE or SHERIFF markings, brace your longarm or SBR with our Weapon Support Bracket to improve accuracy, and illuminate and distract your opponent with our Shield Lights and TEDDs. Further customize your shield as desired with our Detachable Rail.
See below for specifications, features, and shipping information.

While all of our full size shields come with a shoulder to aid aiming a sidearm, for operators using long arms like SMGs and SBRs we offer a detachable weapon support bracket with a wider base and outside brace to keep the weapon from sliding out of position during use.  The bracket consists of two pieces of machined polymer with some rubber patches on the inner faces to create a firm grip on the shield.  The bracket can be used with any shield on either side.  Usually finger tightening the bolts is sufficient to adequately secure the bracket (for easy application and removal in the field), although a light twist with a wrench will cinch it down.

Note:  when installing a weapon support bracket, one bolt should sit on top of the shoulder and the other against the side of the shield as shown in the photos.  Do not overtighten the bolts with a wrench to the point where the polymer may bend or break.

Please note that weapon support brackets are only sold as an accessory with a shield purchase and not as a stand alone product.  While you can add this to your cart and go through the checkout process, we will manually cancel the order and refund the purchase cost, less the transaction fees.  Our ecommerce web service provider (like most) doesn't have an if/then function which allows us to prevent checkout without a concurrent shield purchase.   Our apologies, and thank you for your understanding.