Alpha Light™ Binder Insert

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The Hardcore Defense "Alpha Light" products are intended for defense against handgun projectiles. Made from a slightly lighter version of our robust Alpha steel, the Alpha Light product satisfy NIJ IIIA requirements while saving every ounce possible for comfortable day to day carry.
See below for specifications, features, and shipping information.

ON SALE NOW!  WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!  The Alpha Light Binder Insert was designed specifically to help protect students and staff from school shooters.  Backpack inserts are great, but can't protect the owner if the backpack is in a school locker or the back of the classroom when an incident occurs.  A binder has the best chance of being with the user when needed, in the backpack or otherwise.  This product is intended to protect against handgun threats.  If you require protection against rifle threats, please consider our Delta Backpack Insert.

Specifications and Features:

  • NIJ Level IIIA: 
    • 9 mm 124 grain full metal jacket at 1400 fps
    • .44 Magnum 240 grain lead semi-wadcutter at 1400 fps
  • 8.75" x 11.25"
  • < 1/8" thick
  • 2.9 lbs weight
  • Three holes for insertion into standard 3-ring binders
  • Premium medium-gloss dark blue powder coat for aesthetic appearance and corrosion protection
  • No shelf life limits!  Steel does not break down over time like ballistic fiber products do.

Note that any steel plate protects better than a similarly-rated soft armor panel.  The NIJ standards for soft armor were designed with a frontal chest shot to an adult male in mind;  the same blunt trauma applied to someone's back, especially a child's, could result in a devastating spinal injury.

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