Active Shooter Solutions

Active Shooter Response Options and Kits

Columbine.  Virginia Tech.  Fort Hood.  Sandy Hook.  The Century 16 theater in Aurora, CO.  Washington Naval Yard.  San Bernardino.  Pulse Night Club.  Sutherland Springs.  Las Vegas.

Active shootings are a persistent risk in modern society.  The ten major shootings listed above together accounted for over one thousand  innocent people dead and injured by gunfire, and shootings are increasing in frequency and severity.  A 2014 FBI study found that 160 active shooter incidents occurred between 2000 and 2013, and that the frequency of shootings during the latter half of this timeframe was more than twice as high as that during the first half.

    School shootings in particular have been of great concern since the Parkland High School Shooting in February of 2018.  Unfortunately much of the public discussion has been dominated by various political agendas, and the skewed statistics being thrown about have clouded analysis of the problem and complicated efforts to develop the most effective solutions.  In response, Hardcore Defense has performed our own detailed analysis of school shootings from 1999 through the present, which can be viewed HERE.  We invite everyone to review the report, share it, and provide feedback.

    Both the FBI Active Shooter study and the Hardcore Defense School Shooting study showed that most shootings are NOT ended by law enforcement, and continue until the perpetrator(s) voluntarily ceased attacking or until people on-site at the time of the shooting intervened and stopped the shooter.  The data shows that when individuals present at the start of shooting intervene, fatalities are greatly reduced compared to incidents that continue until the shooter runs off, commits suicide, or is stopped by law enforcement. 

    As such, many individuals take it upon themselves to be prepared in the event of an active shooter incident.  If you are serious about protecting yourself and those you are responsible for, active intervention may be the best means of doing so.  Hardcore Defense ballistic shields are an easy to store, easy to use, and cost effective option which can significantly improve the odds a user can successfully engage and stop an active shooter without being wounded in the process.   

    Hardcore Defense also has contacts throughout the industry and can offer package deals on any of the following:


    • Ballistic defense products including body armor, helmets, and shields
    • Non-lethal weapons including long range pepper sprays, OC gas grenades, tasers, and stun guns
    • Medical trauma kits
    • Common and discreet secure storage solutions for the above

    Services & Training:

    • Facility review and risk reduction consultation
    • Assistance with generation of an Active Shooter Emergency Action plan
    • Skills training on use of lethal and non-lethal weapons 
    • Emergency gunshot wound medical treatment
    • On site Active Shooter Incident training simulations