Law Enforcement

Ballistic Shields for Law Enforcement and SWAT

Hardcore Defense is committed to supporting the needs of law enforcement officers by providing the most robust and reliable ballistic shields available.  When bullets start flying, trust us to protect you and your team.

The ballistic shields currently marketed to law enforcement professionals were designed and manufactured by body armor manufacturers.  They know fibers.  While Kevlar®, Twaron®, Dyneema®, Spectra®, and other fibers make excellent vests, their use for shields is suboptimal.  The composite resin required to turn a soft fiber weave from a kite into a shield adds weight and reduces the ability of the fibers to spread the strike energy to adjacent material.  Poor resistance to heat and humidity limits their storage locations - when an incident unfolds and you need a shield, can you pull one out of the patrol vehicle, or are they all in the SWAT van back at the station?

These products also suffer the ballistic weaknesses of all fiber-based products.  Before your department buys their next shields ask the manufacturer - how close to the edge of the panel can the shield withstand a hit?  Can it withstand several hits in close proximity?  What happens when a bullet strikes a handle bolt?  For rifle shields, can it withstand the common 5.56x45 mm green tip round?  Does the shield have ceramic components, and if so what happens after a few hits or if the shield is dropped?  Remember words are cheap and salesmen are salesmen.  Have them show you the test data to back up any claims!

On top of these issues, current ballistic shields are expensive and often have a shelf life of just 5 years.  While from a manufacturer's standpoint these are ideal products - a high margin product that needs regular replacement - Hardcore Defense believes your budget can be spent more efficiently.  We pride ourselves on developing products with superior ballistic capabilities, no shelf life or storage limits, and at a fraction of the price.  Check out our Technology and Testing pages for further information.

Hardcore Defense invites you to consider the Alpha Shield™, Delta Shield™, and the Bravo Shield™ and see how they can serve you.