NIJ IIIA Ballistic Clipboard
NIJ IIIA Ballistic Clipboard
NIJ IIIA Ballistic Clipboard
Hardcore Defense

Alpha Light™ Ballistic Clipboard

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The Alpha Light Ballistic Clipboard was designed specifically for the needs of traffic officers, school resource officers, and others where a routine day may suddenly turn violent.  Our unique design uses a premium ballistic steel panel and large backface pad to safely absorb hits with negligible blunt trauma, while the hand strap allows the user to maintain full control of it with one hand - even when struck by gunfire! 

The Alpha Light is available as both a basic ballistic clipboard for use with paper pads, and as a tablet holder version which adds corner bumpers and magnetic clips allowing it to securely anchor all common tablets and tablet cases (see parallel entry).  The basic clipboard offering here still includes the corner holes and tablet window viewport allowing the clipboard to be upgraded to a tablet holder in the future if desired.  Note that the viewport represents just 0.3% of the clipboard area. 

Features & Specifications:

  • NIJ Level IIIA:
    • 9 mm 124 grain full metal jacket at 1400 fps
    • .44 Magnum 240 grain LSWC at 1400 fps
    • Also stops lesser threat rounds including .357 Magnum, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP.
  • Smooth matte black powder coated for corrosion resistance
  • Adjustable and removable hand strap
  • Backface pad for everyday comfort and energy absorption
  • Low profile chrome steel clip holds up to 1/2" thick paper pads
  • 9.5" wide x 12.5" tall
  • 3 pounds weight
  • No shelf life limitations.  No storage limitations.

Note that the Alpha Light ballistic panel is made from the same grade of steel as the Alpha Shield, but is slightly thinner saving about a pound of weight compared to an Alpha-thickness clipboard.

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Purchaser is responsible for complying with all local, state, and federal laws regarding purchase and use of ballistic protection products. Hardcore Defense assumes no liability for illegal use or misuse of the product.  It is usually legal for civilians to purchase and own body armor and ballistic shields within the United States.  Residents of Connecticut and any individuals convicted of a felony are prohibited from owning bulletproof vests and other body armor;  whether a ballistic clipboard counts as "body armor" is open to debate and interpretation may vary by jurisdiction.