Bulletproof rifle resistant backpack binder insert
Bulletproof rifle resistant backpack binder insert
Hardcore Defense

Alpha Plus Binder Insert

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The Alpha Plus Binder Insert is Hardcore Defense's newest offering for individual active shooter protection!  Backpack inserts are great, but can't protect the owner if the backpack is in a school locker or the back of the classroom when an incident occurs.  A binder has the best chance of being with the user when needed, in the backpack or otherwise.

"Alpha Plus" protection builds on our proven Alpha Shield performance with a slightly thicker and even stronger ballistic panel.  It provides full protection against handguns and buckshot, and resists 7.62x39 mm AK-47 fire up to 2400 fps and 5.56x45 mm AR-15 fire up to 2850 fps.  For those of you who aren't ballistics nerds like we are, those velocities will cover almost all AK fire and some AR fire.  Long barrel AR-15s and those using high pressure ammunition will penetrate on a square hit at close range.  However in real world situations in which shots come from a distance, strike at an angle, or pass through intervening materials (windows, walls, books in the backpack), the perpendicular strike velocity can be well under the 2850 fps.  Hollowpoint and soft point ammo also has poorer penetration than full metal jacket ammo of equivalent ballistics.

The Alpha Plus protection level provides what we feel is the best balance of ballistic resistance, weight, and cost for this application.  The plate you have with you is worth infinitely more than the one you left at home because it was too heavy, or didn't buy in the first place!  It protects far better than any NIJ IIIA rated product, particularly soft armor panels.  The NIJ standards for soft armor were designed with a frontal chest shot to an adult male in mind;  the same blunt trauma applied to someone's back, especially a child's, could result in a devastating spinal injury.


  • NIJ "Special Type" rated: 
    • 7.62x39 mm 123 grain FMJ at 2400 fps
    • 5.56x45 mm 55 grain FMJ at 2850 fps
  • 9.0" x 11.25"
  • < 1/4" thick
  • 3.9 lbs nominal weight
  • 3 holes for insertion into standard 3-ring binders
  • Dark blue glossy powder coat for aesthetic appearance and corrosion protection
  • No shelf life limits!  Steel does not break down over time like ballistic fibers do.  This insert will last for generations.
If you're interested in alternate dimensions or protection levels, please contact us at sales@hardcoredefense.com and we're happy to discuss custom product requests.