About Us

Hardcore Defense was founded with the goal of providing innovative ballistic shields specifically designed to face modern-day threats. We are a U.S.-based manufacturer, not a reseller. We strive to offer the toughest ballistic shields available, bar none.  Whether for law enforcement operations, workplace protection, or home defense, our shields provide superior ballistic protection and durability.

We also manufacture body armor, backpack inserts, and specialty products like the Sentinel ballistic whiteboard using the same design philosophy and robust materials that have made our shields so successful.

All of our steel ballistic products are proudly MADE IN USA, by Hardcore Defense, for Hardcore Defense.  For real, from start to finish.  We are not some importer with a facility a mile from a major port that labels and boxes a finished subassembly from overseas and calls it Made in USA. 

We do import our Level III polymer and Level IV ceramic torso plates from a U.S. friendly country for those who require protection against heavy .30 caliber rifle fire.  We also import our polymer helmets from the same source.  These are top quality products at a reasonable price.  If you don't wish to spend $1000 for a US-made equivalent, these offerings are a respectable alternative