Forged in Steel

All Hardcore Defense shields use a ballistic steel core to provide robust and resilient protection against a range of threats. Modern manufacturing control of chemistry and temper result in ballistic steels that are twice as strong as the rolled armor plate of the last century that nevertheless saved many a serviceman's life. Meanwhile the most common threat rounds today carry significantly less energy than the .30 caliber rifles and machine guns of yesteryear. Twice the strength and half the threat means ballistic steel is a very viable alternative to ballistic fiber based products - and at a fraction of the cost!

Why Hardcore Defense

Hardcore Defense is the original ballistic steel shield manufacturer, and we specialize in these products. We are not a torso plate company that decided to piggyback copycat shields into their lineup. A significant amount of engineering and testing effort went into the development of our handle and arm strap assemblies, and our patent pending designs provide superior performance in these areas. Accept no imitations!

We use only premium ballistic steel in our products. This is not AR550 or some other off-the-shelf commercial steel. AR stands for Abrasion Resistant and tells you immediately that you're dealing with commercial grade material intended for use as bulldozer blades and dump truck beds. AR steel is cheaper than ballistic steel and has roughly similar chemistry and properties, but the chemistry and heat treatment tolerances are looser and ballistic performance can vary widely between production lots.

The Waterjet Advantage

Our chief product developer has a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and decades of industry experience.  We thoroughly understand the science behind the materials we use and the ballistic threats our products face.  We use only waterjet cutting when manufacturing our products. Plasma and laser cutting leaves a heat affected zone at the edge of the panel and near the bolt holes which can cause the plate to crack and fail when struck.