Alpha Shield NIJ IIIA Backpack Briefcase Ballistic Insert Panel
Alpha Shield NIJ IIIA Backpack Briefcase Ballistic Insert Panel
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Alpha Backpack/Briefcase Insert Panel

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This is a smaller version of the Alpha Shield ballistic panel intended to be inserted into backpacks or briefcases.


  • Full Size Version:  10.5” x 15” with 2” radius corners fits most backpacks and briefcases.  6 lbs weight.
  • Mini Version:  9” x 9” with 1” radius corners should fit most children's backpacks and some purses.  3 lbs weight.
  • Black polymer coating for abrasion and corrosion resistance
  • Soft rubber push-on rim to reduce wear on the backpack or briefcase.  Full perimeter on the Full Size, one side on the Mini.

Like the Alpha Shield and virtually all other backpack inserts this product is certified to NIJ IIIA for protection against handgun rounds.  NIJ IIIA products will not stop AR-15, AK-47, or other rifle bullets in most circumstances.  They may stop rifle bullets fired from long ranges, striking at shallow angles to the plate, and/or which are slowed, tumbling, or blunted due to passing through intervening walls, doors, desks, books, etc.  NIJ IIIA rated products will also generally stop shrapnel and debris thrown by small improvised explosive devices.

That said, the Alpha Shield and the Alpha Backpack/Briefcase Insert were designed to be the toughest NIJ IIIA rated ballistic products available and will be superior to any soft armor panel with respect to resisting hits near the edge of the panel and near previous hits.  Compared to soft armor insert panels, the Alpha Backpack Insert will also absorb hits with minimal blunt trauma, is thinner, and has no shelf life or storage restrictions.  Soft armor panels typically have only a 5 year shelf life due to natural polymer deterioration with age.

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