Alpha Special

The Hardcore Defense "Alpha" products are intended for defense against handgun projectiles. Made from our original premium military-grade ballistic steel, their strength and robustness has been proven in multiple torture tests. We use a stronger steel than necessary to achieve the NIJ IIIA testing - when bullets are flying a factor of safety is a good thing! The rectangular shape with no lower taper maximizes coverage and provides for a stable base when resting the shield on level surface.
See below for specifications, features, and shipping information.

The Alpha Special is a variant of the Alpha Shield which adds the arm strap assembly from the Delta Pro / Bravo Shield and replaces the powdercoating with the more robust Rhinolining.  Note that the Rhinolining adds about a pound of weight to the product taking it up to 15 lbs.  The Alpha Special is otherwise identical to the NIJ IIIA-rated Alpha Shield;  please review that product description before purchasing.   

This is a non-inventory product and requires a special production run, so we have a minimum order quantify of 5 units.  Production time is normally about 1 month.  Email us at if interested.

FREE SHIPPING within the continental USA!  (We cannot ship to any P.O. boxes!)  International customers please click here for more information.

Purchaser is responsible for complying with all local, state, and federal laws regarding purchase and use of ballistic protection products. Hardcore Defense assumes no liability for illegal use or misuse of the product.  It is usually legal for civilians to purchase and own body armor and ballistic shields within the United States.  Residents of Connecticut and any individuals convicted of a felony are prohibited from owning bulletproof vests and other body armor;  whether a ballistic shield counts as "body armor" is open to debate and interpretation may vary by jurisdiction.