Tactical Electronic Distraction Device (TEDD)
Tactical Electronic Distraction Device (TEDD)
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Tactical Electronic Distraction Device (TEDD)

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The Tactical Electronic Distraction Device "TEDD" is an electronic flashbang type device, which combines a brilliant strobe and a piercing siren to distract and disorient an active shooter.  Unlike a traditional flashbang grenade, there is no risk of fire with a TEDD, and it is safe to use when innocent bystanders may be in the area.

TEDDs may also be used in strobe-only mode as beacons to help identify safe evacuation routes, locations of casualties in need of medical attention, and for other signaling purposes.  The TEDD is rechargeable and reusable, making it great for inexpensive training.

Check out the TEDD in action HERE.

Features and Specifications

  • 2600 lumen strobe and/or 120 db siren functions distract and disrupt active shooters
  • Programmable 2-10 second delay before activation
  • Can be dropped up to 20 feet and submerged up to 10 feet
  • 1 lb weight 

Purchase of TEDDs is restricted to trained law enforcement individuals only.  Concurrent with your order please email a copy of your credentials (a photo of your LE ID is sufficient) to sales@hardcoredefense.com.  Thank you for your cooperation.

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