Delta Torso Plates (2, with pads & anti-spall buildup)

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The Hardcore Defense "Delta" products are intended for defense against assault rifle fire including 5.56x45 mm (AR-15) and 7.62x39 mm (AK-47) projectiles. They are not rated to stop the heavier .308 round, but instead use a thinner and lighter steel specially tempered to be able to resist higher velocity strikes from 5.56 mm projectiles. Pure steel shields rated to stop the higher energy .308 rounds need to use a thicker and more ductile grade of steel, the latter of which reduces performance against the 5.56 mm M193 FMJ projectile. If you are only facing handgun and assault rifle fire as would be expected in an active shooter situation, why pay the extra money and carry the extra weight for a Level III shield?
For customers seeking full Level III+ protection without compromises, please consider our steel-titanium laminate Bravo Shield.
See below for specifications, features, and shipping information.

Our Delta Torso Plates are manufactured from the same material as our Delta Shield.  This is a Special Threats rated product, specifically designed to stop assault rifle fire.  These are not Level III plates and will not stop full strength .308 hits.  But for users primarily concerned about AR-15s and AK-47s and not wanting to be weighed down by a bunch of chunky Level III plates, the Delta Torso Plates are ideal.  Each 9.5"x12.5" plate weighs just 5.5 lbs!  Compare that with our competitors' steel plates in the 8-10 lb range.  In particular note the robust 3100 fps ratings for the 5.56x45 mm bullets (used in most AR-15s), including both the M193 55 grain FMJ bullet AND the M855 green tip projectile.  Don't risk your life using plates with lower velocity ratings, or which omit the green tip round entirely!

At Hardcore Defense we're engineers, not marketers.  We're not going to play pricing games by selling you plates at cost and then charge a huge markup on a trauma pad or the anti-spall coating.  For an armor application these features are important, so every Delta Torso Plate pair automatically comes with trauma pads and anti-spall coating.

Our Delta material is HARD.  It can't be shaped without potentially compromising the ballistic integrity, hence our torso plates are flat.  Fortunately flat plates tend to be more comfortable for many users, because unless the torso is particularly narrow the edges of curved plates dig in or chafe at the collarbones or shoulder blades. 

Features & Specifications:  

  • NIJ Special Type*:
    • 5.56x45 mm 55 grain M193 full metal jacket at 3100 fps
    • 5.56x45 mm 62 grain M855 green tip penetrator at 3100 fps
    • 7.62x39 mm 123 grain PS full metal jacket at 2400 fps
  • Ballistic steel, Rhinoliner® coated for corrosion resistance
  • 12 mm Trauma Pad included with every plate
  • Anti-Spall buildup included with every plate
  • No shelf life or storage restrictions
  • 9.5" x 12.5", 5.5 lbs each
  • Plate + trauma pad ~ 0.8" thick
  • Made in USA

    Purchase includes two torso plates and two trauma pads.  To complete your armor package, please check out our Lightweight and Advanced plate carriers, sold separately.  

    Note:  our torso plates leverage our ballistic certifications for the Delta Shield per NIJ Standard 0108.  Body armor (including hard plates) is typically tested to NIJ Standard 0101 which uses the same test rounds and velocities as 0108, but requires additional drop testing, thermal preconditioning, and backface signature measurements.  These additional test steps are important to properly challenge ceramic and ballistic fiber plates but are less of a concern for steel plates.  NIJ testing is a long and expensive process AND the current revision of the standard is in the process of being replaced with a completely new revision.  We will wait for the new standard to be released (still waiting as of early 2022).  In the meantime think of the Delta Torso plates as very conveniently shaped backpack inserts.

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    Purchaser is responsible for complying with all local, state, and federal laws regarding purchase and use of ballistic protection products.  Hardcore Defense assumes no liability for illegal use or misuse of the product.  It is usually legal for civilians to purchase and own body armor within the United States.  Residents of Connecticut and individuals convicted of a felony are prohibited from possessing bulletproof vests and other body armor.